Container Specifications

Container Information

Shipping containers are constructed out of 1/8” rugged and durable Corten Steel.  The floors consist of 1-1/8” of thick marine grade plywood, consisting of the hardwoods Apitong or Keruing.  Newer models are being built with bamboo as it is stronger, durable, and replenishes faster.  They are normally in service for 10-15 years before being retired.  The containers are able to aspire through the venting system on the sides of the container.

The containers that we receive go through a complete and thorough inspection process prior to sale.  They are swept out and cleaned.  All loose impediments are removed from the interior.

All the containers that we sell are guaranteed to keep your valuables dry and free from the outside elements such as wind, rain, and snow.  None of our containers have holes in any of the walls or floors that can lead to contamination of your items.  All the door gaskets are free of defects and seal 100%.