Delivery Services

Delivery and pick up services when and where you need it

Alaska Custom Containers and Storage has the capability to deliver all of the containers that we offer. We can deliver to remote locations via barge or snow cat. We can even deliver to the lower 48 and Hawaii if required.

Space Needed

20′ container – 60′ of available space

40′ container – 90′ of available space

The required space is needed for the truck to be able to position and drop directly at your requested location. Also, the truck needs to be able to pull out from underneath the container without having to turn. Our drivers need approximately 9’ of location width to give the truck enough space to set the container on the ground or dunnage.

Container Position

When loading the container for delivery. We will ask you which way you would like the doors facing? If the doors are facing the cab of the truck, the doors will be outward facing. If the doors are facing towards the back, the doors will be facing backwards. If there is only one way in and out of the drop off location. Please make sure to think about which side you want the door facing.

Ground Conditions

Containers are heavy and our drivers need a solid and compacted area to drive on. The truck must be able to drive in and out of the location without getting stuck or having delivery issues. Please make sure the delivery area is not soft, muddy, has a severe incline/decline, or on wet grass. Tough ground conditions will make the delivery difficult. If you have any reservations of your driveway or landing area, we can come out to your location and inspect the driveway and area to see if we can have a successful delivery. If a loader or crane is needed due to a lack of maneuverability? We can provide that service as well, for an additional charge.

Overhead Clearance

A truck with a container on it measures up to 13’ 6” tall. Before delivery make sure there is no overhead obstacles such as power lines, tree branches, roof eves or other obstacles. Any obstacles could affect the delivery of the container.